Global Safety Summit 2017
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September 9, 2017
Crowne Plaza, Kochi
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Award Winners

  • Mr.Sanjay Londhe, Director & CEO Ashoka Buildcon Ltd - Best Environment Practices Award

  • M/s Mother Organic - Best Quality Organic Food Merchant Award (Delhi)

  • M/s The Phoenix Mill Ltd (High Street Phoenix) - Safest Public Shopping Mall Award

  • M/s Dhruv Fire Safety - Best Fire Safety Equipment Supplier Award

  • Mr. Ashish Kataria, M. D., Ashoka Concessions Ltd - Best Road Safety Award

Award Registration

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Safety Industry Awards

Safest State Fire Department Award Safest International Airport Award
Greenest Port Trusts Award Greenest Oil and Gas Engineering Award
Best Industrial Safety Auditing Organization (29 states and 7 UTS) Greenest Energy and Power Award
Safest Steel Manufacturer Award Safest Mining Organization Industry Award
Environment Award on Logistics Industries Award Safest Emergency Care- Trauma Care Hospital Award
Safest Manufacturing Award Safest Construction Company Award
Safest Construction Property Award Greenest Publication Award
Best Safety Hospitality and catering Award Best Safety Institute Award
Best Food Safety Award EHS NGO Award
Safety Media Award Best Public Safety Organization Award
Best Metro Station Award Best Workplace Award
Best Safety Research and Development Award Best Road Safety Award
Best Franchise Award Best Environment Award
Safest Industry Award Safest Fleet Safety Award
Safest School Award Best Safety University
Agricultural Health & Safety Award Best Textile Safety Award
Safest Pharmaceutical Company Award Best Safety Appliances Award
Safest Travel & Tourism Company Best women's training institute
Safest IT Company Award Safest food manufacturing company Award
Safest Motor Vehicle Award Safest Realtors Award
Best Safety Soft Drink Award Safest Regional Bank Award
Safest Private Bank Award Safest Day Care Award
Safest Restaurant Award Safest Mobile Company Award
Safest Investment Award Trusted Financial Diversified Brand
Best Safety Advertisement Award Social Responsible Male & Female Celebrity Award
Developed India-Safest Future Award Safest Online Shopping Website Award
Safest Nuclear Project Award India Safest Power Plant Award India
Safest Insurance Award Safest Cab Award
Best Environment Safety Training Institute award Best Industrial Safety Academy in India award
Best HSE training Institute award Best Safety & Fire Engineering Institute award
Best OSH Institute award Safest Non Banking Financial Company
Best child Safety Product Award Safest Public Shopping Mall Award
Safest Business Entrepreneur Award (29 States & 7 UTs) Safest Business Man of the Year Award (29 States & 7 UTs)
Best Cyber Safety Company Award Best Fire Safety Equipment Manufacturers Award
Safest Automobile Manufacturer Award Safest Securities Organization Award
Best Safety & Security Organization Award Best Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment Installation & Maintenance Company Award
Best Film Award Best Short Film
Best Chemical Exporter Importer Award Best Automobile Wheel Manufacturer Award


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