Global Safety Summit 2017
Founding Partner
BC to AD
September 9, 2017
Crowne Plaza, Kochi
  • 8+ Hours of

  • 100+

  • 100+
    Safety Professional

  • 30+ Safety

Global Safety Summit Agenda

POWER BREAK FAST : 193 Country Consortium Inauguration
Inaugural Session: Vision 2020 Relevance of Safety In Developing India
Improving the work environment, infrastructure and bring effectiveness in Production, Manufacturing and Service Engineering Sectors.
  • Occupational Health and Public Health Safety
  • Addressing the Modern Safe Systems Standard of Living
  • Government & Public Health Safety
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Session I: Strategic Safety Management
  • Corporate Safety Strategy
  • Business Safety Strategy
  • Operational Safety Strategy
  • Key Steps in Formulating Strategic Alliances
  • Effective Utilization Of Resources
  • Positive Safety Culture in the Companies
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Session II: Safety Sustainability as CSR Initiative
  • Implementing CSR by MNCs in Environment Safety
  • Safety awareness panel
  • Improve working Culture
  • Sustainable construction safety and oil and gas safety protocols
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Session III: Emergency Preparedness
  • Proactive Learning in Emergency Preparedness
  • Regulating, handling and sustainability of Fire Fighting Equipments
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Effective Mock Drills & Periodicity
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Session IV: Relevance of Forecasting CPD safety in India
  • Developing and Shaping Next Generation HSE Managers
  • Contractors and Employers adopting a new and forward thinking initiative in HSE
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Session V: For the Safest Mini India
  • Powering Health and Safety in Construction
  • Safety ISO and OHSAS standards for Safe City
  • Children Safety and School Safety
  • Government & Service Providers
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