Global Safety Summit 2023
Harsh Vardhan
23 December 2023
New Delhi
  • 1 Day
    2 Venues

  • 400+

  • 1000+

  • 30+Safety

Global Safety Summit 2015-2016

Individual Awards

Talented and veteran safety professionals can apply for individual safety awards. This is the first India International award platform where professionals from safety officers to senior safety managers and trainers can nominate themselves. Professionals achieved at any levels from officers to research level Excellency awards can nominate their name for Global Safety Summit. After the effective evaluation procedure, award will be delivered during the valedictory session of the Global Safety Summit. Individual viz, student, professional and Excellency awards having both Male and Female categories.

Professional Awards

1. Best Fire Officer Award 12. Best Construction Safety Manager Award
2. Best HSE Officer Award 13. Best HSE Manager Award
3. Best EHS Officer Award 14. Best Fire Fighter Award
4. Best OHS Officer Award 15.

Best Women Safety Officer Award

5. Best FSE Officer Award 16.

Best Women Safety Manager Award


Best ISM Officer Award

17. Best Safety Officer Award

Best Construction Safety Officer Award


Best Safety Manager of 2015-2016 Award

8. Best EHS Manager Award 19.

International Safety Officer Award

9. Best OHS Manager Award 20.

International Safety Manager Award

10. Best FSE Manager Award 21.

State Fire Officers Award -recognition for their risk task

11. Best ISM Manager Award

Nomination criteria

3yrs+ experience in the industry
Professionally updated CV

Recommendation Letter from the company where the candidate is working

Industry white paper about a challenge in Environment Health and Safety.

Nomination Fee

India: Rs15000/-
International: $350/-

The nominee candidate will be having a delegate entry as a privilege to participate in the event, GlobalSafety Summit, and conference entry, with keynote sessions from industry experts, which include High Network Refreshments

Nominate Yourself
Global Safety Summit 2015-2016