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Fire and Safety Forum (FSF), (National Academic Council of Fire and Safety Forum Member of QCI & Niti Ayog Central Govt. of India), Now an NGO member of United Nations also Formed in 2009, as an awarding body with charitable status in India, we do research about various issues in the workplace, environment, and provide better solutions to the society. We offer a wide range of Internationally accepted qualifications, Diplomas (Level 1 to Level 8) and awards relevant to meet the occupational, health, environment and safety management requirements of all places of work. The courses leads to the professional qualifications trained, 7000+ Student Members 50000+ Volunteer Members from 57 Countries and delivered in 500+ Companies round the Globe. FSF is an Institutional/University- Member of Quality Council of India. Our qualifications are recognized by relevant professional bodies across 193 country consortium, World Safety Forum etc. Listed in United Nations on 25 June 2018 ** Next Global Safety Summit 2018-2019 CONFERENCE, EXHIBITION, AWARDS Kochi Kerala India
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D One Level 4 Fire Safety Institute Affiliation With Certification And Assessment For Rajasthan Chapter Of Fire And Safety Forum
Daily update 2018-09-19 17:29:10

Preliminary Application accepted from D ONE Level 4 Fire Safety Institute, for the Affiliation with Certification And Assessment for Rajasthan Chapter of Fire and Safety Forum.

Applicant Mr.Deepak Sharma

D-ONE Delivering Value....

Bagar City, In Front of Chavo Veero Girls School Bagar | Pilani Road, Chirawa|

District -Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) PIN:333023

Website: Office No: +91 9587880099, 01592-222001

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